Less Digital, More Manual: QCSC Presents Record Club

Emerging from the winter doldrums, QCSC is throwing its first event for a few months. At the inaugural Record Club, QCSC member and Radiator DJ, Brian Nagle, will set up his turntables and mixer and invite the crowd to bring some of their favorite vinyl to spin. With over eight years of experience DJing on the radio and in clubs, Nagle was sick of people complaining about what DJ’s play. He wanted to find a creative way for people to share their music and learn about new stuff in a more social setting than MP3 blogs and bit torrent sites. Starting Saturday April 3 at Radio Bean, people can come down, grab a drink and relax with an eclectic mix of Burlingtonians and their music.

Participants are encouraged to show up a few minutes early to get on the sign up sheet—karaoke style. Nagle will man the wheels of steel and cue up each person's song as it’s their turn. A mic will be set up too if people want to tell everyone why their song is their song. Each record club will be recorded and posted on The Radiator website as a podcast to give the world a snapshot of what Burlington is listening to in a given week.

Record Club’s tagline of “Less Digital, More Manual” says it all. Anything and everything is welcome as long as it’s on vinyl. Complete details are below.

Queen City Social Club presents Record Club
With support from Burlington Records
Saturday April 3. 3 to 5 pm. Every other Saturday thereafter.
Radio Bean. 8 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington.
You are the DJ. Bring your records.
Anything goes, as long as it’s on vinyl.

holler: info@theradiator.org


  1. Do we actually touch the turntables ourselves? Are they direct drive or belt-driven? Set up battle style?

  2. mothertrucker,

    Nope, you don't have to. DJ Disco Phantom (Brian Nagle) will man the wheels of steel. You just sign in on the clipboard, give him your album and he will cue it up.

  3. Sounds like fun! Added you to my blogroll. See it at http://flyinghenstudio@blogspot.com. Cheers!

  4. hi, have the podcasts been posted? thanks!

  5. mothertrucker

    thanks for the props! where is your studio at? i'll have to check it out!


    we haven't posted the podcasts yet. still working on the logistics there...

  6. MC,
    DJ Classic Hits and I have a home studio in the House of Hildegard CO-OP in the Old North End.